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Promesa | Release Date Trailer
Riproduci Video


| 2020 |
directed by Julian Palacios 


Promesa is a 1st person journey in which you explore the images that emerge when you listen to someone.

«The reality of it is... we went back and forth for twenty years, with everything, the family... until the both of us grew too old. You see, if it had been for me, I'd be returning anew! It's like a chasm, something that attracts me, you know?»

You will wander through memories and dreams while reading short texts: the fragments of a conversation.


Promesa is about memory and the feeling of reality. About the way we remember things; and the way things make us remember.

  • A slow, contemplative experience in which the realistic, the onirical and the surreal blend together.

  • An open narrative in which each playthrough is different, like in a stream of consciousness.

  • A distinct visual style that mixes pixel graphics with high-def light.

  • An original soundtrack made with many different acoustic instruments.


 Coming out this autumn.





Directed and developed by Julián Palacios.

Domiziano Maselli - Soundtrack and sound design
Andrea Cedraro - 3D artist
Martín Palacios - Animation
Jasper Meiners - Additional graphics, clarinet recordings
Pablo Palacios - End theme and video footage
Manuel Cattaneo - Additional graphics
Translations - Pablo Palacios, Martín Palacios, Cecilia
Gechtman, Arnar Mar Gunnarsson

Full sounds and assets credits inside the game.

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